Boston Confidential Beantown's True Crime Podcast

Review based on the show

I’m offsetting the one-star review someone gave because Barry has a different opinion about the verdict in a case that’s not even covered in this podcast. He just mentioned his opinion. It was maybe 30 seconds out of the hours and hours of listening. To base a review on that and that only tells you a lot about the person giving the review and nothing about this podcast. This is not an investigative podcast. It’s a story-telling podcast in the same vein as My Favorite Murder and Crack House Chronicles. Barry is a fantastic story teller and I’m glad he makes the personal sacrifices he makes to share that talent by putting out a podcast. I’ve never done it, but my guess is that it’s more of an act of love than one of raking in the dough. If you like getting a good true crime story from someone with the best accent in the world - the Boston accent - then you will not be disappointed with this at all.

If you can’t handle someone having any opinions that differ from yours, record your own podcast and listen to it because that is the only way you’ll ever be shielded from such triggers to your sensitive nature.

Feb. 28, 2022 by BFP77 on Apple Podcasts

Boston Confidential Beantown's True Crime Podcast