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Psychosis isn’t an excuse

I see a comment that you “mansplained” PPP so they unsubscribed. As a female, I’ve experienced heightened anxiety and depression while on birth control (went off it bc of this). I know hormones can make you not feel quite like yourself. But they don’t make you commit murder.

A lot of women have been attacking me for not supporting Lindsay because I’ve never been pregnant, but I like to remind them to look up psychosis symptoms and causes. There are many causes. Psychosis doesn’t just happen to postpartum women.

People in a psychotic state are more likely to be victims of homicide from what I’ve read. Lindsay knew what she was doing was wrong if she waited for her husband to leave. Sure, I’m sorry she felt so awful, but no it’s no excuse for what she did which was flat out evil.

We also don’t know for a fact it was psychosis. We don’t jump to support minority and low income moms who do this.

So, just know there are women who feel differently than that comment. They’re really attacking any male or woman who hasn’t given birth, but psychosis effects males and females equally for various reasons and people need to look at all the causes. Also, we don’t know she had psychosis we just know PP depression and neither is an excuse for murder. I hope you don’t give into these people wanting normalize what Lindsay Clancy did.

Feb. 1, 2023 by Nick3namee on Apple Podcasts

Boston Confidential Beantown's True Crime Podcast