April 26, 2021

David Cox was involved in the actual "A Few Good Men" case, did it get him killed?

David Cox was involved in the actual

The movie "A Few Good Men" was based on real life events. David Cox was a motivated Marine Scout Sniper on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He did participate in a code red that inspired the movie, however in reality no one died as a result of the hazing. The police believe that David may have known his killer. His body was found in a nature reserve on the Charles River. It was a twenty minute walk into this secluded area, between two shooting ranges. There was almost a foot of newly fallen snow in the area, yet he did not wear boots, however in a startling contrast, David was attired in some military gear, that he seldom chose to wear, was this a ruse? This case is a real whodunit!! Please share this episode! Subscribe on Apple or Spotify!

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