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Great host with a fabulous Boston accent!

I just stumbled on this podcast and I absolutely love the host’s style of storytelling. You feel like your best friend is talking to you. I grew up in Wayland MA. So all of these stories hit home to me especially the one about the Sarah Pryor case, so sad but great coverage.

Big Fan

Love the podcast. Keep up the great work! I’m actually new to the private investigator field, having just got my license for both Mass. and CT about 6 months ago. Anyway, I look forward to listening to future episodes!

Absolutely amazing!¡

This is the very first podcast I have ever listen to and absolutely intrigued by it! I am moving to Massachusetts and wanted to learn more about MA. This is the perfect mix of Barry’s straightforward approach and true crime! Wish I had found this at the beginning of my nursing school program, this has become an essential study tool for me! This is absolutely amazing!¡

Thank you

Thank you!

Barry’s Best

Howdy Barry’s Podcast, here listening from Iowa-enjoy the show -Barry you truly have a voice of greatness. Keep keeping on Barry!!

Fave podcast

I’m a long time listener and fan. The stories, Boston accent, local lore and lingo is intriguing. Glad to see the shows popularity is growing. Keep it up from Everett, MA.


The most compassionate host , seems to really care about the victims. Got to love the Boston accent.

Love this show!

Barry is the man!

1st timer

New to your PodCast Told about it from my brother who’s a regular You had me at welcome Right up my alley Love it Love your voice


I love the way Barry tells the stories


You always find the best podcast from other creators you like. I found Boston confidential from Turtleboy Daily. This podcast is superb. The cases are local, so kit the same old stuff. Living on the South Shore I also love when Barry describes Boston to a tee! Love the multi part series. The series on Canton, the FBI and Boston Marathon were so thorough and thought provoking. Please keep them coming!

Boston confidential

Love the way he brings the story full circle. Better than the newspaper articles about these cases. Easy to listen to .

You had me at Canton

Thanks for this succinct recitation of facts regarding the worst police investigation since the Sacco and Vendetti case. In fact, the O’Keefe case is much worse. The investigatory blunders by the local and state police in this case—along with county prosecutorial misconduct—is legion. The criminal characters involved in this case (federal, state, and local), are responsible for a shameful cover up—A cover up which may have been very successful if this were 1923 rather than 2023. The very technology that law enforcement presently utilizes in this first quarter of the 21st century—will be the technology to expose their guilt—and eventually—lead to their prosecutions. The people involved here are so out of touch with the lives of normal people, that they actually thought they could mirror the present federal government—and get away with massive crimes.

Great podcast

Recently found this podcast. Informative with a slight bit of Barry’s humor but still respectable to the victims. Could listen to his voice all day.



Favorite Podcast

This is a great podcast…Barry is great to listen to, topics are interesting and he is organized and to the point. Love it!


Someone tells it like it is about Lindsay Clancy. Sad but true


I’m always eagerly awaiting new episodes of Boston Confidential. Mr. Maguire’s research of the cases covered & delivery of the information are flawless. There are some who criticize some of his opinions. For me, I agree with him 100% of the time. Thank you for what you do here. I belong to a few different FB pages & often see posts for podcast recommendations. I always recommend Boston Confidential.

I love this podcast!

I’d give this podcast 10 stars if possible. Barry is an unapologetic Bostonian and I’m here for it! I was born and raised in the very bland and boring Midwest, hated it, so I moved to Rhode Island once I turned 21 and found my people. Good bad or ugly, Barry tells it to you straight, and that’s exactly why I am hooked on this podcast. I don’t always agree with his opinions, but that’s the beauty of it. He doesn’t shy away from what he thinks. That said, he’s also open to hearing things from other points of view. This may not be a podcast for everyone, but if you are the right kind of person, it’s absolutely PERFECT!!

Love this Podcast

Just started listening yesterday. Love that it’s the Boston area and covers crimes of various types. Listening to the Von Bulow series now and it was the biggest case before OJ. Can’t wait to hear part two today. Also love no fake “podcast voice” in use!

Lindsay Clancy

I agree with you 100%. I think we are all compassionate towards mental health issues, but there is no justification for murdering children. I do hope that she finds peace somehow but anyone who kills innocent kids should be sent to prison for life. I thoroughly enjoy your take on these complex matters and your podcast has turned out to be my #1 favorite. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Lindsay Clancy

Although your take on this may be unpopular I see your side and how you feel. If we can’t discuss and disagree we will crumble as a society. Grow up people not everyone can agree on everything. Great podcast!

Psychosis isn’t an excuse

I see a comment that you “mansplained” PPP so they unsubscribed. As a female, I’ve experienced heightened anxiety and depression while on birth control (went off it bc of this). I know hormones can make you not feel quite like yourself. But they don’t make you commit murder. A lot of women have been attacking me for not supporting Lindsay because I’ve never been pregnant, but I like to remind them to look up psychosis symptoms and causes. There are many causes. Psychosis doesn’t just happen to postpartum women. People in a psychotic state are more likely to be victims of homicide from what I’ve read. Lindsay knew what she was doing was wrong if she waited for her husband to leave. Sure, I’m sorry she felt so awful, but no it’s no excuse for what she did which was flat out evil. We also don’t know for a fact it was psychosis. We don’t jump to support minority and low income moms who do this. So, just know there are women who feel differently than that comment. They’re really attacking any male or woman who hasn’t given birth, but psychosis effects males and females equally for various reasons and people need to look at all the causes. Also, we don’t know she had psychosis we just know PP depression and neither is an excuse for murder. I hope you don’t give into these people wanting normalize what Lindsay Clancy did.

Lindsay Clancy

Listening to you downplay and ‘mansplain’ postpartum disorder and postpartum psychosis was enough to make me unsubscribe. Do better.

Boston confidential

Lived in MA, my entire life. Love the way Bary takes us through these true crime stories in New England form a-z. While the stories are serious in demeanor, Bary tries to make light of them.

Great podcast

I really do enjoy your podcast. I like the way you tell it don’t let all these clowns that leave bad reviews change the way you tell your story they can always go somewhere else


So you believe that the FBI actively participated in sedition pushing for insurrection and attacking the Capital on January 6th. Is this correct?

Excellent Podcast

Barry is by far the best podcaster doing the true crime genre.

sorry for nitpicking

social CUES … not clues

Love this

Well told stories in depth and taken from victims point of view Love this guy great empathy and well constructed podcast Thank you