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Great Podcast

I really enjoy the shows. They are told in an informative and respectful manner. No annoying banter and cackling.

A total gem

I came across this show in the recommended podcasts section and I’m so glad I did. Barry’s authentic Boston accent enamored and drew me in but the high quality, well researched and put together, reliable episodes are what keep me hooked. Boston Confidential is a great show and highly recommended. So many of the cases are lesser known which is refreshing since multiple true crime podcasts are repeat stories that others have done so many times before. I’m from New England but living in SE GA so the cases are that much more interesting to me. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Great stuff!

Note for episode 88 (Pam Smart)- She worked at Winnacunnet High school but that’s not in Derry, that’s in Hampton, NH. I grew up in Derry and was about 9 at the time. She lived in Derry but commuted to work. Otherwise, thanks for the Pod, this is a great reliable true crime Pod that’s humble and great storytelling.

Weekly Fix

Barry does a great job…. I look forward every week. Monday afternoon cigar and Barry make my day.

Review based on the show

I’m offsetting the one-star review someone gave because Barry has a different opinion about the verdict in a case that’s not even covered in this podcast. He just mentioned his opinion. It was maybe 30 seconds out of the hours and hours of listening. To base a review on that and that only tells you a lot about the person giving the review and nothing about this podcast. This is not an investigative podcast. It’s a story-telling podcast in the same vein as My Favorite Murder and Crack House Chronicles. Barry is a fantastic story teller and I’m glad he makes the personal sacrifices he makes to share that talent by putting out a podcast. I’ve never done it, but my guess is that it’s more of an act of love than one of raking in the dough. If you like getting a good true crime story from someone with the best accent in the world - the Boston accent - then you will not be disappointed with this at all. If you can’t handle someone having any opinions that differ from yours, record your own podcast and listen to it because that is the only way you’ll ever be shielded from such triggers to your sensitive nature.

Great Podcast!

Barry is refreshingly honest. I love his commentary and that he is not afraid to say what most of is are thinking. Great topics for New Englanders and anyone who loves true crime!

This needs to be trending!

A lot of stuff you haven’t heard in a totally unique but informative way. I am mesmerized. He doesn’t put up with peoples woke garbage but he does it in such a nice way.

Five Stars +

Great podcast! It feels like I’m sitting across from a compassionate, seasoned detective listening to him share cases over a sudsy beer. Love it. Cheers!

my favorite true crime pod!

love barry & how well he tells a story. love his point of view & snarky remarks… wicked awesome pod. would recommend! :))

Best Podcast going

Not only does Barry have the best podcast, he has the best Intro to any podcast. Great listen. Great stories. Great guy.


I live in the foothills of Berkshire county and find this podcast so interesting. Would love to know what happened to the lady that disappeared in Shelburne Falls.

Love this podcast!

I’m in the Berkshires. Thanks, Barry, for putting MA on the map. There’s so many cases that deserve national attention and Barry brings awareness. I strongly recommend that you give this podcast a try.

Boston confidential

Love the way he brings the story full circle. Better than the newspaper articles about these cases

Just wish…

Just wish these truly important crimes were talked about more in depth. Otherwise, wicked great podcast.

A True Look at Beantown Crime

Barry is a 20-year private investigator who grew up in and still lives in the Boston area. As a native of New Hampshire, I spent a lot of time in Boston, so know many of the places he mentions. He focuses on the victims, rather than glorifying the killers. He gives the police credit when deserved and gives advice for how they could do better. One thing he emphasizes that I have always believed is that after decades, release the information held back. Barry seems to be talking to you directly, not reading off a script. Give him a listen. I do hope he gets a Patreon account soon!

It’s that BAWSTON accent…

You might think you know the full story-but not until Barry tells it -do you actually KNOW the FULL story!!! Absolutely brilliant show-telling Boston/Ma murders with his beautiful authentic Boston accent 🍀

This needs to be trending!

A lot of stuff you haven’t heard in a totally unique but informative way. I am mesmerized.

Boston. My Mom’s Hometown

I love listening to this Podcast because it puts me in the City that my Mom spoke so fondly of - I was born and raised in Houston and my parents met in Boston during WWII. After they married my Dad moved them back to Texas were a family of 5 kids were raised - all with great stories of my Mom’s childhood growing up in South Boston. That background doesn’t have anything to do with the podcast but it is the reason why I listen. I’m in Texas but at 70 years old now….a part of me will always be connected to Bean Town.

Awesome podcast… can’t stop listening

Barry is a great narrator and gives an honest look at Boston area true crime stories. Feel like I’m listening to one of my family members when I hear his South Boston accent. Love it!

Great podcast!

Love the show great cases are covered here really enjoyed the depositors trust bank and trial 4 shows!

Most factual podcast

As unpopular as facts are today…

Clear and concise

Just discovered this excellent podcast being done by a seasoned investigator. No gimmicks, no silly chatter, excellent voice and demeanor. I am delighted to get the facts and the deeper story. Barry, you have a winner here. Thank you.

Love Barry!

I so enjoy these cases and how Barry speaks truth as he analyzes facts. Society need to grow up and stop being so “offended” by things. Keep at it Barry!

Love it!

We love listening to this podcast. Living in Southie it is so interesting to hear what has happened here! We usually do not enjoy podcasts and haven’t listened to many but we love listening to Boston confidential on road trips or commutes. So informative! Highly recommend to any true crime fans.

Great podcast

I have since moved out of Massachusetts but the connection never left. Barry brings me back with each episode. He is fair in his analysis and his passion is a welcome reward.

Great show

Makes my morning commute into Boston bearable! He’s honest, real, and genuine. You don’t get that nowadays and I appreciate hearing these stories from someone who has worked in the field. Keep up the good work. Cancel culture has no place in this podcast or in society.

Great Show about Boston Crime

I enjoy learning more about crimes that have occurred here in New England. The episode on the New Bedford highway killings was especially well done. Please keep producing this podcast 👍🏻

Best of all!

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this one is my absolute favorite. This is also the ONLY podcast I ever recommend to anyone who is looking for something new to listen to. Barry is a great narrator/ story teller and I look forward to Monday because I get to listen to a new episode. Listening to him is like conversing with one of my friends, except my side of the conversation is in my head.

A Hometown Guy

This is a great podcast from a hometown guy. He knows the area and the cases. He is genuine and well informed. Thank you Barry!


Thank you I love it