April 16, 2023

Henri Gutierrez-Part 2-"Perverso" was released from federal custody, with a green card, A month later he committed his second homicide.

Henri Gutierrez-Part 2-

Henri "Perverso" Gutierrez arrived in the US illegally in 2014.  By 2016 he'd been arrested three separate times, for carrying hunting knives. Homeland security sought his deportation. During his brief federal stay, Mr. Gutierrez proclaimed that he was not a gang member, however he was covered in MS-13 tattoo's. In June 2018 he was released from federal custody with a green card, in July 2018 Gutierrez and his crew, viciously stabbed and beat 17yr old Herson Rivas. He was stabbed total of 32 times, with pieces of steel embedded in the juvenile's head. Gutierrez was captured bragging about the homicides on tape, by an MS-13 informant. He is serving a life without parole sentence.

US Attorney's Office-https://bit.ly/3A0jCeX

Epoc Times-https://bit.ly/3UFpx2m