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Boston confidential

Lived in MA, my entire life. Love the way Bary takes us through these true crime stories in New England form a-z. While the stories are serious in demeanor, Bary tries to make light of them.

Great podcast

I really do enjoy your podcast. I like the way you tell it don’t let all these clowns that leave bad reviews change the way you tell your story they can always go somewhere else


So you believe that the FBI actively participated in sedition pushing for insurrection and attacking the Capital on January 6th. Is this correct?

Excellent Podcast

Barry is by far the best podcaster doing the true crime genre.

sorry for nitpicking

social CUES … not clues

Love this

Well told stories in depth and taken from victims point of view Love this guy great empathy and well constructed podcast Thank you

Great Show

I really enjoy hearing about all of the corruption in this state and in the area. Thanks for for outing the FBI and John Connolly

I love it but

It really is a great podcast love hearing about stuff in my hometown. But I don’t understand why they can’t format it so you listen to it in order but it plays the one you heard before instead of the next one.

Great podcast for Boston

The crimes that happened in Boston can only be told by someone from Boston. Barry fits this perfectly with compassion and understanding towards the victims. He also calls out injustice when it needed, giving opinions that are worth considering in these types of cases.

Great podcast

Enjoyed everyone so far

I love it but

It really is a great podcast love hearing about stuff in my hometown. But I don’t understand why they can’t format it so you listen to it in order but it plays the one you heard before instead of the next one.

Great podcast

Great podcast, Barry’s thorough, easy to listen to and seems to do good research.

Excellent podcast must listen !

Love this podcast !! Your coverage of crimes in Massachusetts is awesome I’m hooked ! Your Aaron Hernandez podcast was excellent. Can’t wait to hear more keep you the great work ! Fellow Bostonian follower. Jassy Correia was Cape Verdean not Dominican may she RIP

My favorite

Love Barry’s podcast!! I look forward to it every Monday. I like that he doesn’t shy away from stories with limited resources and talks about them anyway

Best Boston-centric crime show

Barry has a great show. He delivers these stories with a compassion and emotion sensitive to the victims and families. I highly recommend this podcast regardless of where you live. If you’re from Boston you’ll appreciate hearing a true Boston accent and his first hand knowledge of the city and greater Boston neighborhoods. It’s like your sitting on the front porch having a couple of beers with an interesting old friend.

Terrific podcast!

Barry hosts these shows with passion and intelligence. I enjoy hearing his perspective on the great city of Boston and it’s criminal underworld. I’m hooked on this podcast.

Barry’s heart and soul

Barry puts his heart and soul into this podcast. As s defense attorney, I appreciate his unfiltered take on Boston’s notorious criminal cases. Thanks

Boston Confidential

Absolutely terrific podcast. As a native Bostonian many of the episodes are familiar and evocative of my youth. Barry is a great host and always keeps the listener riveted. Keep up the great work.

Boston crime told at its best!

True crime stories for all- especially Bostonians and New Englanders. Amazing recount of infamous crimes!

Great show

I look forward to every new episode. He covers all of Boston and a lot of New England crime cases. Love his views.

Fantastic Podcasts!

Barry is very knowledgeable on his podcasts! I am always looking forward to his latest ! Excellent content.

Great Listen

Love Barry's show deff recommend!!

My favorite podcast

I’ve listened to every episode. Local crime stories that we’ve all heard about if you grew up here. I’ve learned so many more facts about some of the highly publicized cases. I wicked enjoy Barry and his sarcasm.

Great True Crime Podcast

Great true crime podcast, Barry makes for a great host. Being from the Boston area myself, it’s nice to hear a guy like Barry tell it like it is. Keep up the great work!

So Well Done

One of my favorite podcasts. Straightforward and very well presented.

Fantastic local crime

Great podcast from A local detective. I highly recommend it.


Thanks I have been enjoying listening to your podcasts. Interesting take on the cases. Different from a lot of other crime podcasts.

Well done!

I look forward to this podcast every week!

Great Listen

Love listening to local cases to balance out the national podcasts. Keep up the great job Barry.


Fantastic! Very well done, great detailIn detail is given while setting up a vision for the listener of the show.One of my all-time favorites! Keep up the great work Barry.